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Goodfellow 材料快讯   第6期 2008.12

欧洲强子对撞机中的特殊材料    Goodfellow Materials in LHC

CERN(欧洲核子物理研究组织)正启用威力强大的大型强子对撞机(LHC)进行粒子束对撞实验。Goodfellow材料被应用于许多研究,例如:活化箔(Activation Foil, 在CERN的CNGS项目中测量高能强子的通量)。
Goodfellow has been supplying materials to CERN for over 40 years. In that time, our products have been used in many different areas of research, including activation foils (to measure the high energy hadron fluences at the CERN CNGS facility).

性能优异的网状泡沫材料    Foams Maximize Strength to Weight

Thanks in part to the continuous ligaments, reticulated foams have an unusually high surface area-to-volume ratio with a high strength-to-weight ratio. Available from Goodfellow in aluminum, stainless steel, nickel, vitreous carbon, alumina and silicon carbide etc.

耐热金属钼的各种专业应用    Molybdenum for Various Applications

Due to its high melting point, pure molybdenum is used as lamp filament supports and electrodes for mercury vapor lamps. Molybdenum is also added into steels to produce very hard materials used in cutting tools and to protect surfaces subject to heavy wear.

科技玻璃的石英管材    Quartz Tubing from Technical Glass

Quartz tubing, offering outstanding thermal properties, superior shock resistance, excellent optical transmission ranging from ultraviolet to infrared, and good electrical and corrosion performance, is widely used in engineering, optical, and research applications.



Goodfellow完成收购Tecnical Glass






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