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Regardless of the stage of manufacturing cycle, at either prototype or mass production volumes, Goodfellow can provide a complete service.
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If you have any question regarding the material, quantity of material, form of material or size of material please do not hesitate to send us your questions.
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70 years of facilitating scientific innovation
Leading global suppliers of metals, alloys, ceramics, glasses, polymers, compounds and composites
An extensive range of 70,000 catalogue products
Most products subject to delivery within 48 hours
60,000 customers supported worldwide
We offer a range of bespoke processing services
No minimum order quantity – order any quantity you require
All of our products are underpinned by the most rigorous quality accreditations
An in-house team of scientists & engineers with extensive knowledge
Ultrafine Wires
New Product
Ultrafine Wires
We solemnly announce the launch of Goodfellow exclusive ultra-fine wire series products.
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Case Study
Sector Focus:Learn about Zirconia
Zirconia is perhaps most famously known as a substitute for Diamonds and/or teeth.
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Case Study
Sector Focus:Let's learn more about Nickel Foam
Nickel is a multifunctional metal with ferromagnetism and corrosion resistance. Metal foam nickel has many excellent characteristics, so its application is relatively wide.
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Case Study
Sector Focus:Nanomaterials in the Automotive Industry
Let's learn about the superior properties of nanomaterials in automobiles.
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Case Study
Sector Focus Polymers: The Goodfellow Performance Pyramid
We may have all heard of polymers, but do we really understand them?
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Case Study
Sector Focus:Aluminium Foil
The versatile aluminum foil can be used in many fields.
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